Messages from BERA-BERA

Messages from BERA

We are looking for members who would like to join the BERA Committee.   It is not a big commitment as we only meet on one evening every two months, but if anyone is interested please contact Ron Woodley on 01702 588662 or Mike Stafford on 01702 870895.

June 2016 

The BERA Committee are disappointed that their Chairman is no longer Leader of Southend-on-Sea Council, as we believe the town was moving in the right direction, driving changes, creating new housing and jobs and improving the infrastructure.  Ron has been instrumental in these changes and we hope the improvements continue in the future.  Ron, Mike and Martin also play a big part in the local community, having close ties to the local residents association.  They work hard at seeking to represent the views and aspirations of BERA and the local ward residents who voted for them, but they also need, and do have, a borough-wide view.

Each of the BERA councillors remain independent but are representative of the committee and our members. As councillors they must seek to totally represent the views and aspirations of all residents who voted for them. 

Since our Chairman was first elected, the political structure in Southend-on-Sea has changed dramatically.  Resident-based councillors have a natural aversion to being led, but our councillors need to be part of the decision-making process, and we have instructed our Chairman and his fellow councillors to be as pro-active as possible in working with the new administration in Southend, but keeping faith in the ideas that were coming forward under our Chairmanís leadership.  

We remain a non-political organisation and, on that basis, the committee, through our councillors, will continue to press for improvements in our area, and continue to improve our street scene, our park and our open spaces. It will be a challenge to protect the specific character and preferences of our area while exploring new ways of collaborative working, especially when other councillors and MPís failed in their duty to our members and Southendís residents under Ronís leadership. But it is important to rise above that and take up that challenge of working together.   

The Committee 

The situation at Roots Hall/Fossetts Farm Development is being monitored and BERA are putting forward the suggestion of a new road to alleviate traffic issues in Priory Crescent.

The new toilet block at the bottom of Thorpe Hall Avenue is now finished and ready to use.

BERA are currently in discussion about the decorations for the tree and lamp posts in Thorpe Bay Broadway for Christmas 2016.  Due to the high cost of these decorations we are looking into trying something new this year.