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Following our earlier email on the subject, it appears that others have similar concerns and have started an e-petition to Government (see link below). We want to save our A&E, not have it downgraded to an A only.  Also there is another campaign organised  by Dr Norman Traub a retired consultant.

Please get friends, family and anyone who may be interested to sign the petition below.

Subject: We ask the Government to reconsider proposed move of Southend A&E to Basildon. - Petitions

Letter regarding vehicle crossovers - stage 3 complaint: December 2016 (Click Here)

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We have been informed that a resident living in Maplin Way had their car stolen from their driveway on Monday night.  This is just a reminder to always make sure your car is locked and the keys are not on view through the letterbox.  Let us all be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the police.

Article regarding coastline water quality at Southend (Click Here)


Following our recent e-newsletter on the continuing sagas across the country over leasehold and freehold properties, I thought it might be useful to update our members on the situation.  The antics we experienced here on the Burges Estate now seem to be experienced by residents throughout the country:

* Flat owner reports being trapped in a property  now valued at zero just 6 years after it was built, due to conditions in the lease

* £1,000 plus fees charged to a freeholder to seek permission for alterations

* £35,000 quoted to buy the freehold on a house that was built a year ago

* People have had prospective buyers withdraw from purchasing homes because of the excessive ground rent review clause in their lease

* Houses now unsaleable because of the lease

The reason that BERA is highlighting the issue again so quickly is that one of our members has received the following letter.  Our advice is do not touch with a bargepole.


Ron Woodley, Chair BERA


Over the last couple of years many of us on the Burges Estate have been able to relax with regards to restrictive covenants on our leasehold and freehold properties, due to BERA thrashing out a deal which meant we could buy out these covenants at a price which was acceptable to both sides.

Looking through the newspapers at the weekend, I realised how different things could have been and how important it is to always read the small print of any documents you sign.  There was an article about leasehold properties that had been sold, where a ground rent of £250 a year was charged.  Once moved in, residents were being presented with a bill for £8,000 a year!  Unfortunately in the small print of the lease there was a clause stating the ground rent would be backdated to 1961, when the property was built, and doubled every 10 years, meaning in 95 years this figure would be £8 million.

Issues such as this are taking place across the country and we are very lucky that they are no longer taking place here.  I would advise all owners of leasehold properties to be very vigilant and to read carefully any documents relating to their lease, in particular to any conditions that apply.   Additionally, our advice to any freehold residents, especially those who have recently moved in to the area, is be aware of what is in your title deeds and do not just rely on your solicitors picking up these issues, as in the case mentioned above their legal team completely missed them.

Ron Woodley, Chair BERA

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There are many residents in Thorpe, Southchurch and West Shoebury wards who own dogs, the vast majority of whom are very responsible owners and pick up after their pets.  Unfortunately, there are still a few that that don't, leaving an unsightly mess and major health hazard, especially in our parks and open spaces, places where a lot of children play.  Councillor Martin Terry has been looking into this problem, and thanks to his initiative, an event is taking place at Southchurch Park on Thursday 20th October from 11am to 3pm.

The Dogs Trust will be there, assisted by the council's dog warden, offering a free micro chipping service. Volunteers from departments around the council, and partner organisations that have an interest in responsible dog ownership, will also be present so that they can canvas the park, giving out information leaflets and bags, and to offer advice/education. South Essex Homes are keen to send a representative, and a Park Ranger will also be in attendance. It is also hoped that a volunteer from the police will be present. 
This event is something that we hope will be replicated once a month at different venues throughout the town, so that the word can be spread and awareness raised across the Borough.

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Veolia Waste Presentation on 27th September (click here)

New 1GB Fibre Network for Southend (Click here)


Car parking charges


Sunday parking charges at Thorpe Bay car park and other outlying district car parks have been removed thanks to pressure from BERA, through our local Independent councillors.  These charges were put through under sleight of hand, without going through normal procedures.  We identified that these charges were not in the budget and should not have been sneaked in by the new administration.  It is funny that they have now also reduced the cost of central sea front car parking permits, so was the charge on our local shopping car parks to compensate for the loss of revenues that they would have had by the sea front reduction?


Once again it proves it is worthwhile having Independent councillors working for residents on the committee of BERA.


News-on-Sea: Your weekly news round-up from Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

To find out what has been happening across the organisation this week, please click on the links below:


Children's Book Festival returns for seventh year

 Autumn Concert Series begins October

 Fundraising drive to make life changing trip a reality

 Millions flock to The Forum

 South Essex Homes named amongst most innovative housing employers in the UK

 Council secures injunction against unsanctioned car cruise events



To find out about events in the borough please visit or @visitsouthend



Five Southend parks among Britain’s best



Thursday 21st July 2016


Five spectacular Southend parks have scooped a national accolade for being among the best in the country.


Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy has again awarded prestigious ‘Green Flag Awards’ to Belfairs, Chalkwell, Priory, Shoebury and Southchurch Parks, ranking them among the best 137 parks and green spaces in the East of England.


The Green Flag Award® scheme is the benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the UK. It was first launched in 1996 to recognise and reward the best green spaces in the country.


Together they join a record-breaking list of 1,686 other parks, cemeteries, universities, shopping centres and community gardens in Britain which have all met the high standard needed to achieve the Green Flag Award or the Green Flag Community Award.


These were judged by more than 700 green space experts, who visited the sites and assessed them against eight strict criteria, including horticultural standards, cleanliness, sustainability and community involvement.


Executive Councillor for Culture, Tourism & The Economy, Cllr Ann Holland, said: “This is brilliant news for the Borough and testifies to the fantastic work the our parks team puts in every day into maintaining our beautiful parks and green spaces.


“As well as their trees and attractive planting, our parks host an array of other attractions ranging from the Bandstand in Priory Park with free musical performances, major events such as Village Green in Chalkwell Park, to tennis courts, sports grounds, children’s play areas and outdoor gyms.”


Green Flag Award scheme manager Paul Todd said: "We are delighted to be celebrating another record-breaking year for the Green Flag Award scheme, especially as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Awards.


"All the flags flying this year are a testament to the efforts of the thousands of men and women, both staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly to maintain the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award."


Earlier this year, it was announced that three Southend beaches had been awarded Blue Flags, with all seven awarded the coveted “Seaside Award”.






Cllr Holland and members of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s Park team will be available for a photo call with a blue flag.


Date: Friday 29 July

Time: 12.30pm

Location: The Bandstand, Priory Park, off Victoria Avenue. Free parking is available at the park. Further information about Priory Park here


Interviews are also available by request.


Notes to Journalists:


  1. A full list of Green Flag Award and Green Flag Community Award winners is available here.


  1. The Green Flag Awards Scheme ( is run by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, under licence from the Department of Communities and Local Government, in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and the National Housing Federation.


For more information, please contact Michael Sargood, Media Relations Advisor at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, on 01702 534322 or

 Please see below.  This is how the council are treating residents, ignoring their concerns and the safety of children




Subject: Greenways

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 09:52:14 +0100




There appears to be no finalisation of the council/school to implement the planning conditions relating to the expansion of the school at Greenways I take it that this years extra form will not go ahead, otherwise the council will be in breach of their own planning rules and what message will that send to other developments around the town.


Can you please inform me of how both of you are going to fulfil the planning conditions that were put in place to protect the safety of children from harm and the residents from the continuing problems relating to parking and anti-social driving habits of parents.


I await your response




Ron Woodley

Chair, Burges Estate Residents Association.  


































































Veolia, who recently took over the waste collection contract in Southend-on-Sea, are a very good company and we are working with them to make sure the area covered by BERA improves week by week. 







































































































Please note - we have recently received word that one of our residents has had a bad experience with Alka Pave (shown in the advert below) so please be careful and report any problems you may have had with them to us!



























































Southend-on-Sea Authorised Events




If you have any notices relating to events or items relating to our local community or charities and would like them posted on this page, please email them to


c2c logo
Stakeholder Update


Transport Minister Basildon


Today we have launched the biggest single package of improvements local rail passengers have ever seen, to mark the official start of our new 15-year c2c franchise. Local passengers can now benefit from free wifi, new discounted fares and easy new ways to buy tickets. Our focus in this new franchise is to improve the experience for passengers whenever they are using c2c. We're aiming to excel in this area, and build our reputation as a high-quality service, as well as a punctual and reliable train operator.


c2c has been a National Express company since 2000, and the local service will now continue to be operated by National Express until 2029. Today we were joined by Rail Minister Claire Perry MP to launch a series of new initiatives will both improve the passenger experience from today, and also provide a platform for delivering major benefits in the future.



Free wifi at stations for all c2c passengers starting from today, delivered by major internet provider Level 3.

In future we will extend the wifi to cover onboard trains too, giving passengers the fastest and most reliable wifi in the UK rail network with download speeds of up to 50mb/s.


Off-Peak Discounts

Up to 40% discount on off-peak travel for passengers who buy their tickets online at least 14 days in advance.

In future we will also introduce a trial of flexible season tickets, designed to reward regular commuters with money back on the days they choose to travel off-peak instead.

c2c Live app newsletter

c2c Live

A new app called “c2c Live”, which creates a one-stop-shop for passengers with everything from personalised journey details to buying tickets, and even paying for car parking. Developed with IBM, this is the first app made by a UK rail company to include nationwide door-to-door journey planning for public transport. Users can plan any journey anywhere in the UK. 

In future, customers will also be able to use their c2c Live app to register for automatic refunds which are paid out whenever they are delayed for as little as two minutes.

Download your app today!


c2c Smart

The c2c Smart card allows c2c season ticket holders to switch from paper tickets to an Oyster-style tap-and-go smartcard ticket. It is now available for all c2c season tickets, and passengers who buy travelcards can now use their c2c Smart to travel on London's tubes and buses too.

In future, c2c Smart will be extended to cover all single and return tickets as well. When other train operators launch their own smart cards, passengers will be able to use their c2c Smart card to pay for their ticket on any rail journey within the South East.


Contactless bPay

A new way to pay for your travel, as we've launched a pilot with Barclaycard of the contactless c2c bPay band. This payment wristband links to any Visa or MasterCard and can make contactless payments of £20 and under. c2c passengers from Grays, Upminster and Barking will be able to use c2c bPay bands to pay for their daily travel, any onward journey on the tube or London buses, plus their morning coffee and lunchtime sandwich! 

In future, passengers will be able to travel using the c2c bPay band and all forms of contactless payment across the entire c2c route.




Other benefits to the new 15-year franchise which will be introduced in coming years include:

  • New trains with 68 extra carriages from 2019 and a significant upgrade for the existing fleet
  • £33 million investment in stations
  • A commitment to staff every station from the first train until the last service
  • A new timetable providing extra services and better connections
  • A new Passenger Charter which improves the consumer rights of passengers


To celebrate the first commuter day of our new franchise, this morning we gave away 25,000 free off-peak return tickets for two, to commuters at our key stations. This is our way of saying thank you to our regular passengers for all their support over the last decade, and we hope they are as excited as we are by all the new improvements that the next few years will bring.

I hope this update has been useful, and if you have any questions, please get in contact with us

With very best wishes

Julian Drury,
Managing Director, c2c Rail